Prevent What's Preventable

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Community Immunity

An Interactive Group Exercise

By using the interactive Community Immunity exercise, TIP and its volunteers helped demonstrate the importance of immunization to more than 600 community members last year.

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Ted Talk

TEDxSanAntonio 2012: The Scream that Should Be Heard Around the World

At Presentation at TEDxSanAntonio 2012 by TIP CEO Anna Dragsbaek

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Immunization Champions

Become A Champion in Your Community

TIP's Immunization Champions have reviewed over 50,000 immunization records and recalled roughly 14,000 patients to come back into clinics for immunizations.

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Everyone Can Do Something

Since 2007, immunization advocates have helped pass 15 pieces of legislation to help protect Texans against vaccine-preventable diseases.

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2014 Stakeholder Publication

What are the most important immunization issues among stakeholders in Texas? View the latest stakeholder publication to find out. 

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What We Do

The Immunization Partnership helps individuals, physicians, and others with an interest in immunization to make smart choices about protecting our community from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Why We Do It

Every year, roughly 3 million people die from vaccine-preventable diseases, and countless more suffer life-long disabilities. We believe in preventing what's preventable.


How We Do it

Our mission is to eradicate vaccine-preventable diseases by educating the community, advocating for evidence-based public policy, and supporting immunization best practices.

Community Forums

TIP conducts community forums, or Lunch & Learns, where experts share information on current topics in immunization. While geared specifically toward front-line immunizers (nurses, medical assistants, etc.), these events are free and open to all who are interested in the topic.

Upcoming Events

Community Immunity

The Community Immunity exercise is an interactive demonstration of how one's vaccination status can contribute to how far and how quickly the flu can spread through a community.

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Evidence-Based Resources

Interested in finding out more about vaccines, vaccine safety and vaccine-preventable diseases? Check out our resource page to find the most up-to-date, accurate and reliable sources on immunization.

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Texas Immunization Summit

Every two years, TIP hosts a statewide conference on immunizations issues around Texas. Hundreds of immunization stakeholders, health workers and public health personnel attend to gain tools and information to champion immunization across Texas.

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Online and Social Media

Written from the perspective of a Mom with young children, TIP's MOMmunizations blog dispels common myths and misinformation about vaccines in an informative and personal manner.

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Evidence-Based Legislation

Since 2011, TIP has provided 32 legislative testimonies and conducted over 600 legislative visits to advocate for evidence-based immunization policy, including multiple visits made by stakeholders during TIP Legislative Day at the Capitol.

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Legislative Resources

Interested in advocacy but not sure where to start? Check out our page of legislative resources to help you make your voice heard.

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Take Action

Anyone can participate in immunization advocacy. In order to successfully overcome immunization barriers, it is imperative that we stand together. By unifying our voices, we have the power to make wide-scale immunization policy changes that benefit all citizens throughout Texas. Find out how you can get involved by visiting our Take Action page.

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Immunization Champions

Since 2009, Champions participating in the Immunization Champions project have screened over 50,000 immunization records and recalled more than 14,000 patients to come into clinics for immunizations.

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Coalitions and Capacity Building

TIP is committed to strengthening the capacity of Texas coalitions by providing technical assistance to local coalitions with respect to immunization education, best practices, and advocacy.

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Upcoming Events

  • November 05, 2014

    2014 Texas Immunization Summit

    Immunize. Protection for Every Texan. 

    Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center In San Antonio, TX

    Hundreds of immunization stakeholders from across Texas joined TIP for the biennial Texas Immunization Summit, where participants gathered information and tools to champion vaccination around Texas. 

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  • April 23, 2015

    Community Immunity Spring Luncheon 2015

    Houston, TX

    11:30AM to 1:30PM, River Oaks Country Club

    We are excited to announce the 6th anniversary of the Community Immunity Luncheon – 2015 benefiting The Immunization Partnership (TIP) scheduled for Thursday, April 23, 2015 at The River Oaks Country Club.

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TIP in the News

  • October 01, 2014

    5 public health threats in Texas scarier than Ebola

    BY Anna C. Dragsbaek
    Originally published in the The Texas Tribune

    There’s no doubt about it: Ebola is scary.

    The disease has a high mortality rate and no known cure. No vaccine is available to halt its spread. And now it hasarrived in Dallas — the first confirmed case in the U.S.

    A media firestorm is brewing, and the public is understandably concerned. But the threat of Ebola spreading in the U.S. is nominal. Highly advanced disease surveillance systems, well-developed quarantine and isolation laws, adequate hygiene and sanitation, and top-notch medical services will keep the U.S. from facing a crisis similar to the one sweeping through West Africa.   

    But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be worried about infectious diseases. In fact, there are at least five other preventable threats right now that are far more menacing — and Texans would be wise to pay close attention to them.  

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  • July 16, 2014

    Nothing to fear from migrant kids

    BY Anna C. Dragsbaek
    Originally published in the Texas Tribune

    As the humanitarian crisis on our border grows, many Texans have expressed concern about the possible spread of disease from the flood of immigrant children entering the state. These children supposedly pose a threat to national security because of the presence of tropical diseases in their countries of origin.

    Here’s the truth: Texans have nothing to fear from these children.

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