How it Works

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The Community Immunity* exercise is an interactive demonstration of how one’s vaccination status can contribute to how far and how quickly the flu can spread through a community. At the beginning of the activity, each participant is given a small card with one of five colors: blue, green, yellow, red and white. Each color represents a different group of people who have or have not been immunized against the flu. The entire exercise takes about 10 minutes with minimal materials and can be done with groups as small as 20 people.

What it does

The Community Immunity activity improves the knowledge and attitudes of participants regarding the flu vaccine. It does this by addressing common concerns and highlighting the true risk of not only getting infected, but also spreading that infection to close contacts who might be more vulnerable to severe disease. Studies have shown that when people understand that they are at risk for severe disease, they’ll be more likely to get vaccinated. The activity has been well-liked by participants and considered to be an extremely helpful tool for those promoting immunizations in their community.

*AKA the "Colored Dot exercise"

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