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Thursday December 6, 2018

Another Serious Measles Outbreak in the U.S.

It’s happening again. A year and a half after measles sickened about 75 children in Minnesota and sent 21 of them to the hospital, an even bigger outbreak has hit New York.

Thursday November 29, 2018

Texas Vaccine Expert Peter Hotez Writes a Book

One of Texas' biggest stars in the world of vaccine research and expertise is Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. Hotez has devoted himself to discovering vaccines against tropical diseases that sicken hundreds of thousands of people in developing nations. He also has been a brave and outspoken expert advocate for vaccination, for which he's actually been threatened.

Tuesday November 20, 2018

Our Thanks for 2018

At Thanksgiving, when many of us come together with our families and take the time to think of all the good that has come our way, it also is come for us here at The Immunization Partnership to reach out to our family of supporters, experts and helpers to count the good work that has been done in the past year to protect the health of Texans and people beyond our borders.

Thursday November 15, 2018

Reasons for Low HPV Vaccination Rates Might Surprise You

Vaccination rates against human papilloma virus are far lower than they should be, even though the virus causes most cases of cervical cancer in the United States, as well as putting people at higher risk of many other kinds of cancer. Now a new study shows that physicians may have been misinterpreting the reasons why more preteenagers and teens aren’t vaccinated, and that doctors might have a much bigger impact on parents’ decisions than they think.

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