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Tuesday January 8, 2019

Play the CDC's "1918 Pandemic Trail Game"

Those folks at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention clearly enjoy having some creative educational fun. This was the agency, after all, that developed the Zombie Preparedness kit, a way of teaching the public about disaster planning that included a graphic novel.

Monday December 31, 2018

Test yourself with our 2018 vaccine news quiz!

Were you paying attention to the news about vaccination during 2018? Here’s the real test of whether that’s true. The answer key is below, with links to most of the answers that will lead you to the stories that explain in better detail.

Thursday December 20, 2018

Experimental vaccines face a long road

Recent research on possible new vaccines – against opioid addiction and Alzheimer’s disease, to name a couple – serve as a reminder of many key issues around medical research, especially when it comes to new ways to immunize the public.

Thursday December 13, 2018

Loving holiday gifts for vaccine lovers

Don’t worry, holiday gift shoppers. We’re here to help you out once again with the most challenging people-who-have-everything on your list, because there’s a pretty decent chance they don’t have all the latest goodies on the vaccine scene. Whether your loved one needs a gentle reminder to get that disease-preventing shot, or is a bona fide vaccine nerd who just can’t get enough immunization loot, we’ve got something tempting to suggest:

Friday December 7, 2018

TIP's Op-Ed Published on National Influenza Vaccination Week

It's National Influenza Vaccination Week, and the perfect time of year for you to get your flu shot, if you haven't already. The holidays are when we' come in contact with many more people, which raises the risk that we'll be exposed to influenza.

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