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Thursday January 19, 2017

So Many Mumps Outbreaks — and Now One in Texas

Why so many mumps outbreaks around the country? A recent outbreak in North Texas has involved more than 100 confirmed and suspected cases in Johnson County and surrounding counties, largely in school-aged kids. Students who have not been fully vaccinated are being told to stay home until they’re either up on their vaccinations or the illness is no longer present in the schools.

Thursday January 5, 2017

Could Texas be the epicenter of the next major disease outbreak? These experts think so.

Health experts are worried about Texas, and for good reason. There are growing signs that the state might become the epicenter of a major disease outbreak — similar to the one seen in California in 2015 — due to a small, but growing numbers of parents filing for non-medical exemptions so that their children can attend school without the required vaccinations.

Monday December 19, 2016

Holiday Shopping Guide: Vacci-nerd Edition

You still haven’t finished your holiday shopping? Haven’t managed to bag your own $200-plus Hatchimal? Believe us, a giant microbe is much more huggable — and cheaper. We’re there for you and for the vacci-nerds on your shopping list with this helpful and healthy gifting guide:

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