Coalitions Play Key Role in Fight Against Disease

Dreamstime _xl _4155599-vertical SmCoalitions play a critical role in the fight against vaccine-preventable diseases. When member organizations and community volunteers come together to address immunization challenges and opportunities, you are able to do more with limited resources and budget constraints than any one member can do on its own.

At The Immunization Partnership (TIP), we know how important your coalition is to the health of your community, and how investing in capacity building and training can help coalitions thrive. That’s why TIP began its Building Coalitions Across Texas (BCaT) Program. Since 2011, TIP has worked with coalitions throughout the state to help provide organizational and programmatic support, as well as to connect them with other coalitions where they can share challenges and successes.

If you’re interested in learning more about opportunities for your coalition, here are 3 things you can do TODAY:

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Helpful Resources for Coalitions

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