TIP Talk

Thursday October 27, 2016

Vaccines take a long, research-intensive road to licensing

New vaccines are hardly new by the time they’re first offered to the public. Ten to 15 years of testing on their safety and effectiveness has usually taken place first. And they will continue to be examined by a panel of government experts for as long as they’re around.

Thursday October 6, 2016

How to Make Flu Vaccines More Comfortable for Kids (and Parents!)

This flu season, the CDC is recommending individuals receive the injected flu vaccine rather than the nasal spray version. That’s painful news for children, who often prefer the spray over the needle. How can families make the experience a little more comfortable for kids? Here are five worthwhile (and science-based!) tips.

Friday September 23, 2016

Texas Mom: Parents Have the Right to Know the Health of Schools

Texas publishes all kinds of information about individual schools—their dropout rates, their test scores and so forth. Farmer knows that there is data even more important than educational attainment, because it revolves around students’ health. How likely are they to be protected from preventable diseases? Parents have a right to know, and no one understands that better than Sara Farmer.

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