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Tuesday August 23, 2016

What You Need to Know About Meningococcal Vaccines

Most meningococcal disease cases can be prevented by vaccination, but parents are understandably confused about the types of vaccination required and the timing for when pre-adolescents and adolescents are supposed to get them. Here's what you need to know.

Thursday August 18, 2016

"Spacing Out" Vaccines Doesn't Make Them Safer — Just the Opposite

Most parents agree that vaccinations protect their children from potentially dangerous illness. They understand the science showing that immunization is generally safe and effective. Yet a significant number of those otherwise savvy parents fall prey to the vague notion that vaccines would be safer if "spaced apart" — despite evidence to the contrary.

Tuesday August 9, 2016

Not just Zika. Pregnant women should protect themselves from flu, too.

It’s natural enough for pregnant women in Texas to worry this year about catching Zika virus, which can cause severe birth defects in their babies. At this point, there is no cure and no vaccine for the mosquito-borne virus. But there is a worrisome disease that pregnant women can protect their unborn babies from—the flu.

Wednesday August 3, 2016

Vaccination Helps Adults Protect Themselves — and Others

Thirteen years after newborn Haleigh Throgmorton died of whooping cough, it’s hard to forget her or the important lesson she taught all of us: Vaccines are not just for children. They protect senior citizens, working age adults, pregnant women—and yes, vaccines for adults protect babies, too.

Friday July 22, 2016

Despite Court Ruling, Vaccines Still Don't Cause Autism

When Hannah Poling, a little red-headed girl with autism-like symptoms, received a settlement from a special federal compensation court in 2007, her case cast doubt in many people’s eyes about what they had been told all along about the safety of vaccinations and the many studies showing that they do not cause autism. But did a court just say that vaccines cause autism or not? No. It didn’t.

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