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Friday March 25, 2016

10 Signs You're a Vacci-nerd


There’s pro-vaccine, there’s vaccine advocate, and then there are the die-hards. Some of us (hands raised) get so excited about vaccines that we can't help but nerd out. Here are ten signs you’re a vacci-nerd.

Your whole social feed is vaccine news
Your twitter and Facebook feeds are lit up with things like Vaccinate Your Family and Gavi The Vaccine Alliance. You can’t imagine that someone didn’t hear about the dramatic drop in rates of cancer-causing HPV subtypes, but you’re only vaguely aware what “The Dress” was all about.

Birthdays and Christmas are opportunities for vaccine advocacy
Whether you’re buying a vaccine read for your brother-in-law's birthday or using the holidays as a chance to debunk misinformation, you don’t let an opportunity for advocacy go to waste.

You think of the year in terms of vaccination-related seasons...
Flu season means more to you than winter, and “back to school” is more about getting a tetanus booster than buying supplies. 

...And you think of life that way, too
You look forward to your baby turning six months so they can get their first dose of flu vaccine, and you double check the CDC’s recommended schedule every year to make sure there are no new vaccines for you to get.

You have Google alerts for vaccine developments
If there’s an update on the Zika or Ebola vaccine, you have to know right away. Don’t get us started on the CDC releasing national immunization survey results or updates on this year's flu vaccine effectiveness!

Every flu season you post a "flu shot selfie" 
Maybe even with the caption "You're welcome, Community."

You own a plush "HPV" toy 
... and rubella and flu. Ok, fine. You have them all

Paul Offit is your Beyonce, Maurice Hilleman is your Elvis
We have our own constellation of celebs in the vaccine sphere, and to us they’re just as much rockstars as anyone else.

Sometimes your friends ask you to stop talking about vaccines
Perhaps they don't think our "fun facts" about the measles virus (it can live in the air for up to TWO HOURS) are all that fun?

But they know you’re a great source for reliable immunization info
And you love helping them out. Whether it’s knowing what vaccines they need, making sense of some news they just heard, or debunking harmful myths, your loved ones turn to you. You’re happy to give them the answer or point them to a source that can.

Did we miss any signs of vacci-nerdom? Let us know in the comments below! 


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